Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

I’m always on the lookout for products that are natural, safe, and still effective, but I never thought I would find a product that would let me give up DEET-filled bug sprays. As I’m incredibly paranoid about things like West Nile Virus (when you live a humid, damp climate like we did where mosquitoes breed out of control and the first case of West Nile usually pops up early in the season, it pays to be a bit paranoid) so the idea of not using mosquito repellant never occurred.

Mosquitno, however, doesn’t use chemical warfare to keep bugs away. You don’t have to spray yourself with sticky, horrible smelling poison in order to avoid being eaten alive. And best of all, Mosquitno works! Mosquitno has created wristbands, stickers and shirts that repel mosquitoes and other bugs naturally. You can spend more time outside without smelling like a bottle of pesticide and you don’t have to worry about trading West Nile for some other form of horror from using mosquito repellant.

Mosquitno products are infused with Citronella, a natural mosquito repellant (and a more pleasant smelling one). Simply slip a band on your wrist or put a sticker on your shirt and enjoy your outdoor fun without another thought. Visit the Mosquitno blog for more suggestions on natural ways to minimize the risk of West Nile Virus.

More Reasons to Love Mosquitno:

If you love supporting companies with a social conscience, you’ll be glad to know that:

  • Mosquitno supports charities and gives 10% of all profits to UNICEF
  • Mosquitno collects their used bands and recycles them
  • Mosquitno is a family-run business