Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I had already experienced this with my daughter, Hallie. Pregnancy was good to me, but there were a few times where a forceful sneeze, cough, or puke would result in some damp bottoms. It wasn’t a full waterfall every time but any amount of peeing yourself isn’t ideal. It got to the point where I would wear liners “just in case”. As if a liner was going to save me, but A for effort.

Now, we’ve reached that time again. I’m almost half way through this roller-coaster ride, and it just happens to be allergy season. Yay! I’m sneezing at least ten times a day. I thought I had a handle on it. Cross your legs and pray sort of thing. Except yesterday, when I sneezed and then told my husband that I had peed a little. His response: “You just peed your pants?” Only a little! Because it makes a difference! No puddle on the floor is a win, and I don’t need judgment right now.

My daughter looked at me a little weird too, because obviously she isn’t allowed to pee when she doesn’t have a diaper on. She questioned “potty?” as if I had forgotten this critical step. Adults can have accidents too! Does this mean I get candy when I use the toilet like a big girl? Because that would be awesome.

Not every woman struggles with this issue, and some definitely struggle more than others. I’ve heard stories of needing bed liners at night because of wetting issues, and such a struggle would make me laugh more than anything else. Only because my husband would be horrified and would probably go sleep with my daughter. Empty bed for just me and my pregnancy pillow wouldn’t be so horrible.

I’m hoping that, like last time, my peeing incidents are limited. You can’t always predict when you have to go while pregnant, especially when you’re growing bundle of joy is using your bladder as a trampoline. The only thing I can really suggest is the panty liners and a change of clothes always. It’s habit to pack some for my daughter, so hopefully I’ll remember some spare pants for myself too. I haven’t peed myself in public yet, thank goodness, so let’s try to keep at least that shred of dignity.