Tiana and I both have 10 year olds. Actually, Tiana has 10-year old twins, I have a 10-year old son, and our baby sister has a 10-year old daughter. It was a good year for our parents. Comparing notes as we often do when it comes to our kids’ behavior, Tiana and I recently discovered that both of our 10-year old sons had recently given in to emotional outbursts.

Given that on the other end of the spectrum 40 is the new 20 and 60 is the new 30…could 10 be the new 13? From the evidence of our own two boys, it certainly seems possible. My twins are 19 and will shortly celebrate a birthday that will take them out of the teen years. I was actually celebrating the thought of not having teenagers in the house for three glorious years. Tiana’s oldest daughter just turned 13. If 10 is the new 13, we both have tougher roads ahead than we thought. I won’t get my break from teen attitude, and Tiana (and yes, there is part of me giggling at the thought) will have three teen attitudes on her hands at the same time.


Luckily, we have each other…and we each have cell phone plans that allow us unlimited minutes with each other. I have a feeling we’re going to need them!

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