For a couple in love, their wedding day is the most important day in their lives. It is the culmination of their dream and their togetherness as official  and for life – that is, for most couples at least.

Weddings are intimate occasions where only chosen guests are invited — usually only those related to the couple, their close friends and some extended family members.

As expected, every wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation to make things run smoothly and without a hitch. Nevertheless, it is unavoidable that things can still go wrong even with a wedding planner assisting the couple. This usually happens when it comes to last-minute details before the wedding day itself.

Here are some dos and don’ts to make that day hassle-free, smooth-flowing and especially memorable.

Wedding Day Dos

1) Have an emergency kit ready. You can prepare it days before the wedding. Make sure you have all must-haves for “just-in-case” situations like safety pins, hair spray, breath spray, nail polish, comb, nail cutter, scissors, or anything else you may think will be useful for similar scenarios.

2) Put someone you trust in charge and let him/her be the point person for your wedding vendors. Vendors are the people who have assisted you in making this wedding come to life. They can be the caterer, the florists, the photographers, etc.

3) Organize all the things you need to bring along with you, if any. Have a separate basket or bin for your shoes, of which you should have at least 2 extra pairs to change into after the wedding ceremony. Anything with lower heels or wedges and flats would be fine. Extra hankies would also be handy for your happy tears.

4)  Have a fixed schedule ready for the hair and make-up for you and your entourage. Even if you know how to do make-up, on this occasion, it would be best to let the professionals do the job for you so you can relax and maintain focus.

5)  Take care of yourself. Get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. Do not let the pressure get the better of you. One important thing most brides forget – eat before and during the wedding.

6) Hand the rings to someone responsible and trustworthy. It can be your mom, a friend or another relative. Instruct the person to be the one in charge to give the rings to the ring bearer before walking down the aisle.

7) Remember your wedding vows. Take time to practice your wedding vows before you actually say it in front of your spouse during the wedding ceremony.

8) Don’t forget to say thank you. A lot of people were helped you prepare for the wedding. Hence, before the reception is over, it would be apt to give acknowledgement to these people behind the scenes. Such gesture would be greatly appreciated.

Wedding Day Don’ts

1) Not showing up. Are you having wedding day jitters? It is normal that brides go through doubts and fears before the wedding day. Make sure you have this sorted out before the actual ceremony. Talk to your fiancé about it. Having cold feet on the wedding day (and bolting) is not only embarrassing, but also a waste of time, effort and money.

2) Being late. It’s understandable to be late, but not on your wedding day. It will not only be annoying to your guests, but especially to your spouse-to-be.

3) Complaints about wedding gifts. It’s unethical and uncalled for to gripe about such trivial matters. Furthermore, you can avoid this by signing up for a gift registry so that your guests will know what are the things you need and like. Remember, gift giving is not mandatory. If you have received something you don’t like, you still have to be gracious and thankful.

4) Getting drunk. It’s fine to enjoy yourself, but not too much. Everything should be in moderation. Don’t forget that being drunk during your wedding party can cause embarrassment to your spouse.

5) Not being flexible. Sometimes things may not go as planned, and some disasters or mishaps may occur which are beyond anyone’s control. Don’t lose your cool. Try to have a back-up plan for such eventualities. Most of all, try to retain a good sense of humor.

You will surely cherish fond memories of your wedding by following these important do’s and don’ts for your wedding day. For more wedding tips, features and similar articles, visit Best Bride 101.