Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

Being a mom is a full-time job by itself. Balancing family, your personal life, school and work, as well as everything else that life tosses in your direction can sometimes seem overwhelming. One way to save your sanity and learn to enjoy your life is to realize that it’s not about being a perfect mom but more about being the perfect mom to your kids.

When you’re under a lot of stress, the first thing you can do is prioritize. If dinner is hard to handle, prepare meals on your off days that can be cooked when time is short. If the house is looking a little messy, enlist the help of your children for small rewards such as an extra bed time story or extra time with their electronics. And honestly, if you would rather play with your kids than spend time cleaning nobody is going to mind the mess.

It’s a hard truth to face but you’re not going to juggle it all every time. You’ll miss a ball here or there, whether it’s skipping a shower, forgetting a meeting at work or swinging through the drive-thru because it’s easier than cooking.

Lucky for us moms, kids are pretty resilient. They’ll survive being fed the occasional cheeseburger or pizza, and if you skip cleaning the house to spend time with them, you’ll be their hero, not a bad housekeeper.