Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I love holidays, and don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for some flowers and chocolate. Unfortunately, I don’t see any real meaning to Valentine’s Day that makes me want to go out of my way and have a romantic evening. Do you know how much work that is?

You have to find a babysitter.

Someone has to watch the gremlins while you and your significant other sneak off for a few hours. Hopefully your regular sitter is single, otherwise your chances at actually going out on Valentine’s Day aren’t very good. This also means I would have to get dressed to go out, and on a weekday, I am SO TIRED. And even if you decide to indulge on some wine in the name of romance, careful of the headache that can strike. Your children will be waiting to pounce the second you get home.

The restaurant experience is chaos.

Do you know who else is trying to have a romantic evening? Everyone else. Restaurants are slammed. It’s anything but peaceful, and even with reservations, you’re looking at a long wait for food. This does not sound romantic to me! It sounds stressful, and I would rather stay home.

The chocolate prices are stupid.

I’m sorry, what are we paying for here? The velvety heart shaped box that will inevitably end up in the trash once I’ve eaten the 6 pieces of chocolate inside? Save your dollars, bro, and get me a bulk-sized bag of normal candy. I’m really looking forward to stuffing my face with that in bed while we watch tv together. Now that’s romance.

Valentine’s Day is good for something.

Like I said, I do love holidays. I love my husband! I just don’t understand the exclusivity to romantic couples for a hefty price. My parents have always given a small gift for Valentine’s Day to each of us, and I’ve always thought it was sweet. Children are loved too! My husband and I have opportunities for romantic getaways that don’t involve all the hype, and we do take those. But this Valentine’s Day? We will be in our room, with our darling daughter, enjoying a spread of McDonald’s and watching a movie. I can’t wait.

You know what else I can’t wait for? February 15th, when all that ridiculously priced candy is on sale. I don’t need a reason to show my love to my family, and although I will enjoy Valentine’s Day, I’ll avoid the commercialism that goes with it.