For some strange reason, this has been a very difficult holiday season for me so far. I have felt very homesick, missing my mom, missing my sisters, missing Idaho where I used to live, and missing my good friends back home. I suppose it is probably because we are not going anywhere and we are going to be on our own for the holidays. I have tried to be satisfied with that, and on many levels I am so thankful to have my wonderful husband and my children with me for both holidays this year, but it is not the kind of quiet holiday that I am used to spending. If only the weather were better and we could go to my awesome mom and dad-in-laws for Thanksgiving. But it is just not in the cards this year thanks to Blizzard 2010.

The holidays as I was growing up were always full of family. There were always lots of people around and so I guess that is part of what I am feeling. I feel the void of all the hustle and bustle of what the holidays used to be. My mom and I always went shopping on black Friday and then my dad would meet up with us and take us out to lunch. I miss having lots of family around for meals and visiting with everyone. My mom’s house was always full of people and lots of love.

So to help combat my holiday blues I have decided that it is time to reinvent the holidays that just include my immediate family. We have all kinds of great food to enjoy. We have decided to have a movie marathon with all the kids’ favorite snacks and snuggle up and stay warm! I think I might just join my sister and get the tree up quick this year for Christmas. There is nothing like some good Christmas decorations and Christmas movies to remind everyone of the reason for the season!