MomsGetReal Romance Series

Nothing can heat things up better than a massage. Whether you’re on the giving end or the receiving end, a massage can turn up the heat faster than anything … and lead to even more fun, intimate moments between you and your partner.

Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you have everything available that you will need. Location is important – either a table or a mat.  Make sure you have a couple of towels (warm fluffy towels right out of the dryer are nice). Light some candles and play some soft, sensual music.

You can’t give a massage without great oil. You can really set the mood with aromatherapy oil, but any good massage oil will do. If you don’t have an oil warmer, be sure you warm it by rubbing it into your hands before touching your partner.

Remember, you are trying to create a mood, so the atmosphere is really important. Since you will be wearing little or nothing (or at least hope to get to that point) make sure the location is warm and comfortable with no draft. For extra romance, you can scatter rose petals around the area.

Before you begin the massage, make sure you’ve removed any rings, watches, or other jewelry that might end up hurting your partner. Your hands should be clean and your nails should be trimmed.

There is nothing that will kill a moment faster than disruptions.  Turn off your cell phone, turn off your answering machine, and turn off your house phone if you have one. Tape a note to your front door that says, “Do not disturb.” If you have kids, send them to grandma’s house for the night. Make sure there are no pets that will disrupt the moment. A night outside will not break Fido’s heart.

Start slowly and pay attention to the reaction of your partner as you massage.  It’s important to solicit feedback and make sure what you are doing is actually making your partner feel good and not tense. Some people are ticklish and need extra pressure; some people are sensitive to pain and need a lighter touch.

Throughout the massage, even if you are getting more oil or moving around, keep one hand on your partner at all times. This connection will keep the sensations flowing and keep the heat flowing between you. It won’t take long before things heat up!