Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

I keep repeating that my toddler is an independent lady, which is a statement Hallie is fulfilling every single day. I have been so focused on weaning, that I’ve not attempted any other milestone or achievement in toddlerhood. With Hallie only being one, I figured I had plenty of time to address other toddler things, like sleeping in her own bed and potty training. Hallie has decided otherwise.

Hallie’s Ready, I’m Not

I never want to rush Hallie into anything, or stress her out with too many expectations. I was so worried that she would be exhausted from weaning (she’s fine, I’m the emotional mess), and I didn’t want to pressure Hallie into something she wasn’t ready for. Then, I innocently bought a stool for the downstairs bathroom.

Hallie has a stool upstairs that I used when I was little, so she can reach to brush her teeth and wash hands. Hallie also has two potty seats that attach to the existing toilets, which she’s had for at least a few months now. I invested in them early on simply because Hallie showed and interest and thought it was fun to use the potty. It was something we never pushed. Until now.

Hallie is Gross

Hallie has always liked playing in her own filth because she is a gremlin. I have no other excuse for her. We would take her diaper off and she would have the best time playing in her own pee or poop if we didn’t get the next diaper on fast enough. It would even get in her hair, and I’d just be amazed at her infant abilities. Luckily, we grew out of that, or so I thought. Although Hallie was a small infant that couldn’t help peeing everywhere, she is now a sassy toddler. Now, I won’t say that she has total control over her bladder, but she has enough.

Hallie is Self-Aware

I found this out getting Hallie ready for a bath. I took her diaper off, turned to check the water, and as I turned around again to place her in the bath, what do I see? Hallie happily stomping in a puddle of her own pee. Bad luck, right? Accidents happen. I cleaned up the mess and got her in the tub. It was only when I discovered this trend every time Hallie’s diaper was off that I realized these were not accidents. I’d barely get her naked before I’d see her peeing on the floor, and then dancing around in it. Combined with Hallie yelling at me every time I happened to look over as she’s pooping in a corner, I realized that she is a very self-aware one year old.

Stool is Cool

Let’s go back to the stool, because it is important. I still didn’t want to push Hallie into something she wasn’t ready for, but I wanted to see exactly how willing she was to be on the toilet throughout the day. I asked her if she wanted to use the potty, and she ran away. “No!” Alright fine, we won’t push it. Later in the day, she agreed with a “yeah-yeah” and pointed to her stool as I was getting the potty on the toilet. Sure, why not. If Hallie wants the stool in front of her to touch with her toes, what do I care? Little did I know; the stool is what did it for her. I don’t even need to bring chocolate or cheese balls into the mix.

Hallie runs excitedly out of the bathroom to announce to everyone, not that she used the potty, but that she used her stool. When she uses the potty, she gets to use the stool TWICE. Woah. Once to use the potty, and once to wash her hands. She’s been in and out of the bathroom all day, and is having the time of her life. This child will more than likely be potty-trained before she is weaned, which is fine. Hallie is an independent lady, and she knows what she wants.