What do you get when you combine two moms with six daughters between them and a philosophy that says natural beauty is best? In this case, you get a series of phenomenal skin care products designed for – and safe to use on – tweens that women of any age will appreciate from Good for You Girls™.

Back to school means (yes, even at the tender age of 8, like my daughter) thinking about making the right impression, and having clean and clear skin is certainly one of the things girls have on their minds. What I LOVE about Good for You Girls™ is their overall message: “By creating Good For You Girls™ skincare, we hope to give girls the confidence to face the world, knowing how truly beautiful they are on the inside and the outside. True beauty comes from within. Respect yourself and take time to see the beauty in others.”

The company believes in achieving beautiful skin the natural way and all of their formulas, in addition to being Gluten-free and vegan, use

NO Parabens
NO Sulfates
NO Phthalates
NO Propylene glycol
NO Mineral Oils
NO Silicone
NO Synthetic Fragrance
NO Dyes

My daughter, Anika, is too young to wear makeup to school, but as a dancer, she spends plenty of time caked in the stuff for performances, and thanks to genetics, inherited my oily skin, so she has already had a few pimples. Skin care – washing off makeup, keeping skin clean, using sunblock, and celebrating natural beauty – are all common conversations.

Good for You Girls™ blemish wash is one of the first products I’ve found that my daughter can use on her skin every day without me having to worry about irritation from chemicals or harsh additives.

What I wasn’t expecting when we tried Good for You Girls™ blemish wash was how well this product worked on my 40-year old skin and my other daughter’s 21-year old extremely sensitive and dry skin. Wow!

My favorite part is that after washing, there is no film or residue left on my skin. My skin feels clean, looks younger, and since I started using it, I’ve been less inclined to bother with makeup at all – something my skin is thrilled about. Kira, my 21 year old daughter, says she loves it because even after a thorough washing, her skin does not turn red and blotchy like it does with most cleansers she’s tried. Anika loves being able to have a skin care regimen like her mom and older sister that doesn’t make mom worry about what might be inside the bottle!

I highly recommend this product – and not just for your tween!

Good for You Girls™ provided me with a sample of their blemish wash so that I could provide my honest review of the product. No monetary compensation was provided.