The holidays are the season of giving, both to the ones we love and to those in need. This holiday, MomsGetReal™ would like to encourage our readers to bring hope, peace, and joy to children all over the world by giving them the gift of clean water for life.

The Water School is a nonprofit organization that is currently working in countries like Haiti, Kenya, and Uganda to provide clean water for families and children through the solar disinfection process. This involves purifying water in a BPA-free plastic or glass water bottle using the sun’s rays. Just six hours in the sun rids the water of all harmful bacteria.

In Kenya, solar disinfection by the Water School has reduced cholera cases among children under the age of 6 by 86%. Each year 4 billion cases of diarrhea alone cause 2.2 million deaths, mostly among children under the age of five. In Uganda alone, the Water School program reduced cases of diarrhea by 56%, while some communities not using the Water School program saw a 14% increase.

By making a small donation to the Water School this year  you can send your friends and family a Holiday eCard that will not only bring joy to the ones you love, but can also help a child in need.

Just $10 will give the gift of clean water to one child in need for life. Watch the Water School’s holiday video or the Water School’s website to find out how you can give this season. The greatest gift you can give to a child this year is the gift of clean water for life.

MomsGetReal™ receives no financial incentive, advertising dollars, or other considerations for making this request; we simply believe in sharing with our readers ways that they can help to make the world a better place. When you think of how many times you grab a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, or a lunch out, $10 just doesn’t seem like that much to save a life, does it?