What’s the best way to keep your child occupied while you finish up last minute Christmas preparations? Christmas games, of course! Because school is out and it’s cold outside, children often get a little rowdy during this time of year. There’s not a good outlet for their energy, and running around the house isn’t ideal.

That’s why we teamed up with The Zebra to share these awesome Christmas games. From picture to listening to writing activities, these family Christmas games are good for all ages. Adults or older kids can work with the little ones while having fun themselves!

With Christmas Decoration I-Spy Bingo, your kids will love spying iconic holiday decorations as you cruise down the road. Make an event out of it by inviting your friends and family along to play in their cars. You can even make it a competition to see which car has the most “Bingos,” or five in a row.

Test your knowledge of famous songs for the season with the Christmas Song Lyric Challenge. This printable features fill-in-the-blank song lyrics for all of the holiday songs we know and love. Someone will have to act as a scribe for the young children who can’t write yet. This activity is great for all ages, and everyone will enjoy the funny lyrics that kids hear.

Divide your family up into teams to see who can get the most correct answers on the Christmas Picture Puzzle. This game incorporates holiday motifs and other symbols and objects in a puzzle that may test your IQ. The sounds of each symbol come together to make an entirely new word or phrase!

‘Tis the season of cheer, so why not use these free printables for some wholesome family time? Remember not to play them all at once! You’ll want to make sure they last throughout all of the holidays. If there’s ever a lull in the activities, you know what to do!

Download the PDFs below:

Christmas Decoration I-Spy Bingo

Christmas Song Lyric Challenge

Christmas Picture Puzzle