There are not many relatives who don’t enjoy receiving updated photos of the youngest generation, but you can make it even more special by working with your child to create a personalized, homemade frame for the picture. You can keep the project simple by heating up the glue gun, using an old cardboard box for the base and using items from your craft supplies (or junk drawer or toy box) that you already have on hand.

You’ll want to choose the picture before beginning so that you know what size frame to make. Whatever size picture you choose, cut out a piece of cardboard that give you one to two inches of border around the picture. This cardboard will be the base to which you glue the picture. You may want to paint or color the cardboard.

Once your picture is glued in the center of the cardboard backing, you can turn your child loose with their creativity. Do you have an old puzzle with missing pieces? Use the remaining pieces to glue around the picture to frame it. The same can be done with scraps of fabric, buttons, beads or even coins. Just glue the decoration of your choice in overlapping layers around the picture until you achieve the look you want.

Don’t be afraid to be creative; if the gift is for someone with a special hobby or interest, capture that interest with the way you decorate the frame. Use fishing gear for the fisherman in your life or acrylic fingernails and mini bottles of polish for your beautician aunt. Tap into the creative side of your boys by letting them create a frame with dinosaurs, insects or toy cars glued around the picture. No matter how you decorate it, a personalized picture frame is guaranteed to bring a smile.