The great thing about this kid-friendly craft is that it can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose to make it, and all you really need are plain t-shirts in any color. T-shirts make great gifts and can also be a fun project. This is a fun and easy – and memorable project. Best of all, you can recycle shirts you already own, especially the ones with the small stains that would otherwise be tossed out. (Just make sure your decorating project will cover the stain).

Take a few minutes before you involve the kids to iron the shirts. The smooth surface will make decorating easier, and the kids will be able to model the shirts for you after they’re done.

Make sure the t-shirts are clean and dry. Spread the shirt out on a table where you have a sturdy, flat work surface. To keep the paint or marker from bleeding through, slip a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt. From this point forward, your t-shirt is a blank canvas awaiting your child’s imagination! Your son can draw a picture of himself with grandpa or dad out fishing to give for Father’s Day or Grandparents Day. Immortalize your kids’ hands or feet by dipping them in fabric paint and making hand or foot prints on the t-shirt. These are always a hit with grandma.

If your daughter is having a birthday party or sleepover, buy or find big shirts for the group and let the girls decorate sleep shirts. If you have a cheerleader or other athlete in the family, making team shirts is a great team building and bonding exercise. You can even keep the iron hot and add iron-on transfers to the shirts.

Turn your kids’ creativity loose with this fun and inexpensive project!