Mother’s Day is coming, and this craft is a great solution for kids who want to give a gift that will keep giving throughout the year. There’s nothing easier and more personal than creating a coupon book. While this project isn’t as easy for the preschooler group to do on their own, with your help coupons like “one free hug” and “pick up my toys” will bring countless smiles to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Moms can even make coupon books for their kids offering to read a book, play a game, or share special time with the kids.

To begin, cut regular sheets of paper into thirds. Cut cardstock slightly larger than the coupons to use for the front and back covers. Use markers to decorate the cover and design your coupons. Be sure to include a statement like “This coupon entitles the bearer to…” at the top of each coupon and an expiration date like “never” or “100 years from now” in the bottom corner. When the coupons are finished, place them between the cardboard covers and staple the pages together. Older kids can give coupon books to grandparents with coupons offering to do yard work, run errands or spend time. Others will appreciate coupons for free babysitting or housecleaning.

When you’re thinking about what kinds of coupons to offer, have your children think about all the nice things the recipient does for them. A Father’s Day coupon book can be filled with coupons of things the kids can do that they typically see dad do, like take out the trash or shovel the snow. Not only will your kids think about the things that other people in their lives do that touch them, but your kids will gain a real sense of accomplishment when they realize how much they can do to make someone happy or give them a break.