Guest Contributor Janell Bischoff

May is for Moms, and we’re sharing some special Mom stories this month. If you have a Mom story you would like to share, please let us know!

Since I was fourteen years old I knew I would have trouble getting pregnant. In one of my multiple visits to the OB before my doctor just put me on birth control she told me, “You are going to have trouble getting pregnant. You will have to come to me when the time comes.”

It was always in the back of my mind when I left her office… will I ever be able to get pregnant? Will I ever be able to have my own children?

I met my husband August of 2006 and we were married March 10th 2007. From about the first week out we started trying to have a baby. The first year: nothing. By this time it had been almost two years since I had had birth control in my system and I felt my body starting to go haywire again. I went to my OB again and got diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. I was lucky though because when they gave me an ultrasound I had no cysts.

I started the long journey into infertility with a doctor who was not very sympathetic. She put me and my concerns on the back burner. I’m sure she was thinking that a person at 21 doesn’t need to be worrying about having children. She put me back on birth control to my extreme resistance. She told me that she didn’t want me to be getting pregnant with my testosterone being high. She thought it would cause me to get an aggressive baby.

I went about my life living with the haunt of babies. Everywhere I looked I would see a baby and it would hurt my heart. Would I ever be able to have my own? Every time I heard about a honeymoon baby I would break down and cry. Why not me? Why is it that these women can get pregnant when a wind blows past them and I can’t get pregnant at all? It always put me into a funk for days. My husband hated it. He didn’t know how to help me. He didn’t know why women put their worth in their ability to have children or not. What bothered me the most was little old women at church asking me, “Why haven’t you had children yet?” “When are you going to have a baby?” A woman who I had grown up with who had her own issues with infertility had told me to tell them, “I’m saving up for a boat.” That seemed to shut them up since we live in Las Vegas.

After a long year on birth control I went back to my doctor to do more blood work and try to get the ball rolling. She then offered me to have a spa facial. I was seriously confused by her at this point. It was September when I got my blood work done, I called in October and they told me my results weren’t in yet. I called November and they also told me my results weren’t in yet. In December, I told my husband I was going to switch doctors because my doctor was point blank ignoring me at this point. In January, I made the best choice of my life: I went to my new doctor.

My doctor was heaven-sent. She sat down, listened to me, and took charge of my infertility. She redid my blood work and realized my other doctor did it wrong. She took me off some of the medication because it was unneeded. I decided to go onto clomid. After one round of clomid I ovulated. I went back in with to check to see if the clomid worked two weeks later. I told her I was either pregnant or sick, because I’d been feeling nauseous. She took my blood and told me to call back tomorrow to see if I was pregnant or not. I couldn’t wait I went home and took a test. It came back the lightest faintest line of you are pregnant. I screamed so loudly I’m sure I scared the dog. Evidently I was so early pregnant that the day I took the test it was the first day I would have actually tested positive. My baby was only 14 days made at that point. I knew almost the entire time I was pregnant. My due date was set to January 30th and I went on my way of my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. I had morning sickness until I was ten weeks pregnant. I only threw up once! That was because I watched my cat throw up so I believe it wasn’t my fault. I loved every second of being pregnant. It was wonderful to feel her in me. I loved to feel she wiggle and move. My daughter was born at 5:36 pm after 16 minutes of pushing and she has been at my side ever since.