Friends are important in everyone’s life but I think it is especially important for women to have friends to help put things that happen in our lives in perspective. We need to feel connected and have someone to commiserate with about life. Talking with close friends has always helped me work through various different stages in my life. I have friends that have been through so many things with me, from divorce and becoming a single mom, to entering the dating world that I had never previously experienced prior to my marriage at such a young age. Friends truly make the world a better place.

I don’t believe that I ever took my friends for granted, but when I moved to another state I realized the important role that they have always played in my life. Relocating my entire life has brought about so many changes. Almost all of them being amazing and great, but changes just the same. The one drawback has been leaving my friends and everything I knew as my life. I have met a few great friends here as well but it is not easy to build new friendships after being in the same place for so many years. I had friends at work, in my neighborhood, and I rarely went somewhere that I didn’t see someone that I knew. There was always someone ready to go shopping or out to lunch. So many friends and so little time!

Regardless of gender, age, or location, developing and maintaining solid friendships is important to our health and well-being. Having good friends, as we all probably know from experience, helps lower stress levels and promotes overall good health. It may not always be easy to forge new friendships but it is a necessity to achieve the happiness and sense of belonging that only true friendship provides. And the payoff is immeasurable!