In the event that an emergency occurs and you are not with your kids, it is extremely important for them to know how to react. Regardless of how big or small the emergency may be, your kids should know to call for help immediately. Creating a list of emergency phone numbers is a great way to make sure your kids will call for help. If for some reason this list is not with them, these are the top five emergency phone numbers your kids should have memorized.


This is the easiest number to memorize, and thankfully, the most effective in a crisis. In a critical emergency, make sure your children know to call this number before they call any other one. Educate them about how calling 911 works so they know that an ambulance, fire truck, or police car will come to help them. It is also important they know proper 911 etiquette and know not to call for minor situations. When calling, remind them to speak as calmly as possible and to state their full name and full address.

Your Cell phone

It is becoming more and more popular to carry cell phones absolutely everywhere. While some consider this a curse, it can come in handy when your children need to reach you in case of an emergency. It would be preferable for kids to know both of their parents’ phone numbers but if that’s not possible, designate either mom or dad to be the official emergency contact. This way, they know they can call, text, or page whenever they need help.

Your Work Phone

This number is very important too because your cell phone may not always be a priority to answer while at work. Specify that when you are at work, you can be reached through the work phone number, especially in case of emergencies. Tell your kids not to be afraid to tell whoever answers the phone at work that it is an emergency.

Home Phone

If your kids are away and you happen to be home, they should know the home phone number in the event no one is answering their cell phones. Unlike the cell phone ringtone that can get muffled when lost around the house, the home phone tone can be heard pretty much everywhere.

Neighbor’s Phone

Before telling your kids to memorize this number, double check with your neighbor that it is okay for them to be an emergency contact. If the kids are home alone, this is a good number for them to call if they feel the need to.