MomsGetReal Guest Contributor Madyson Grant

Decorating is a blast, especially when you make the decorations at home. Homemade decorations are a fun, festive, and inexpensive way to make the most of special occasions. Here are five do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day decoration ideas that everyone will love.

Crayon Heart Garlands

Garlands made from melted crayons are an easy way to add Valentine’s Day cheer to a home or office. The hearts are made by ironing crayon shavings into wax paper. The wax can be cut into heart shapes of many different sizes once it dries. The hearts are then strung together into a garland with a piece of silk or ribbon. The translucent heart shapes are especially beautiful when sunlight shines through them, and they look best near windows or skylights.

Pink Pillows

Pink throw pillows are a simple sewing project that can add romantic flair to couches and chairs. A good way to find supplies for these pillows is to hunt down pink rags and scraps of fabric around the house. You can also get some plush pink animal fleece fabric for extra softness. The necessary stuffing for the throw pillows can be found in old or unused pillows.

Yarn Messages

Knitting is not the only way to turn yarn into something meaningful. Using wire and yarn, you can spell out words and phrases of love. The first step is to bend a long piece of wire into a word of your choice. Next, tie colored yarn to one end of the wire and wrap it around until it reaches the other end. Tie it again and you have a charming Valentine’s Day decoration.

Handmade Flowers

Instead of visiting a flower shop this Valentine’s Day, decorate your home with flowers made of tissue or felt. Tissue paper flowers are easy to make, and they are a terrific way to involve kids in the fun of decorating. Floral decorations made from felt look as good as real flowers, and they can be reused year after year.

Love Song Candles

The words to a good love song are even more romantic when illuminated by candlelight. To make these Valentine’s Day candle holders, take a page of your favorite hymn or love song and cut a heart shape out of the center. Glue or tape the page to a mason jar and place a candle inside. The glow of the candle will keep the words and notes shining brightly.