I will always remember the summer vacations that I took with my family while I was growing up. Not only did we get to go to some really neat places, but it was a time when my dad was not working and we were just spending time together as a family. I always looked forward to our summer trips. It didn’t really matter where we went or what we did as much as the quality time that we spent together. I will admit, however, going to the beach, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, and Hollywood were some pretty awesome places to go on a family vacation!

Regardless of where you go or what you do, family vacations are an important part of a child’s life. It reinforces what you value as parents as well as family values and traditions. We always went to Southern California to visit my wonderful grandparents. I can feel the anticipation of our arrival at their house like it was just yesterday. I feel the excited butterflies in my stomach just like I did all those years ago. My grandparents always made sure we had the best time while we were there. I loved my grandmother’s cooking, our trips to Del Taco and the arcade at the mall with our dad. We had so much fun!

For my family, we are Nascar lovers. Just after my husband and I got married he took me to my first race in Las Vegas. Once you see a live race, nothing can compare! So, we have chosen to make it a family tradition to take our children to that same race every year. Near the end of February or the beginning of March we load up in the van and enjoy a long weekend of fun enjoying the Nascar race and all of the other fun family attractions Las Vegas has to offer. Hopefully we are creating the kinds of memories for our children that they can look back on, as I do, of our fun family vacations!