Getting Real with Jennifer Poole

It is the time of year where every weekend it seems there is a walk/run event to create awareness and raise money for a cause, everything from breast cancer to birth defects to autism to cystic fibrosis. When trying to decide if you want to participate or donate to these events I ask you to think about funding resources.

A large portion of money for medical research comes from our Federal government. Right now we cannot depend on those funds to continue when budgets are being cut and government shut downs are looming. It is up to us to ensure that funding continues for the causes we care about. Get out and get yourself and your family involved. You can sign up for the race itself to get some exercise in or volunteer to help plan or staff the event to show support. If you cannot attend then you might consider making a donation.

This year my sons might not be able to attend Race for the Cure with me due to school events. If that is the case, then I will take the money that I would have normally spent on their registration and donate it for fund raising. Currently, my family and I participate and volunteer for the Komen (Boise) Race for the Cure and for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. I have included links to both of these events as well as the links to the national websites so you can find an event in your area. Remember, most things that have changed the course of treatment this country began at the grassroots level with limited resources. You CAN make a difference!

Find a Komen Race in your community

Find an American Cancer Society Event