Getting Real With Amalia Starr

Independence Day is just around the corner and it became one of my favorite holidays fourteen years ago when Brandon became independent and free. At that time, I too found independence and freedom as well.

We never know when we raise children with special needs, or any child for that matter, what the outcome will look like. Especially after talking with the professionals who worked with Brandon, they all agreed that living alone would be nearly impossible. As you can see they were all wrong.

I actually celebrate the 4th of July every day. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and ourselves. Although living alone may not be an option for your child, helping your son or daughter reach his or her full potential and live the best life possible is every parent’s dream.

“Start early and think positive,” is my motto, but if you missed that early opportunity like I did with Brandon it is important you know that it is never too late to help your child succeed.

On this 4th of July, I hope you will think about the next action or step you can take to help your child move closer towards independence.  A huge step for me was not to do things for Brandon even if it seemed nearly impossible for him to achieve. If we do not allow our children to have these experiences, how will they ever learn?

Help your children by encouraging them and giving them the time to accomplish these smaller tasks. It is sure to improve their self-esteem.  Every small step added together becomes grand, moving your child one step closer to independence.

Happy 4th of July!