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Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Our daughter, Kira,  just graduated from college. We’re very proud of her accomplishments. She won awards, has a plan for the future, and has already moved to the big city to seek adventure.

I’m a little jealous, to be honest.

For the longest time, I was attended school right along with my kids, first finishing my bachelor’s degree, then obtaining my master’s. I graduated from college the same year our oldest son graduated from high school. Dave got his bachelor’s degree the same year Kira and Kyle graduated from high school. I got my master’s the same year Kira got her master’s.

For the past few years, we’ve been more focused on building our business and raising our younger kids than our own education.

Seeing Kira move on to big, exciting adventures stirs the part of me that wants to go back and fulfill a few dreams – I have always wanted to obtain my PhD in French; I’ve always wanted to get my law degree. Basically, I love learning.

While the cost of education may deter me from formal schooling (I’m not sure anyone should attend until the universities and student loan people start getting their acts together) I have realized that I never have to stop learning.

These days, knowledge is a click away, whether on an ebook or the Internet.

So, whether or not I ever manage to make it back to a college campus, I am going to keep challenging myself to learn more and allow myself to be inspired by my remarkable and tenacious daughter.


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