Getting Real with Shadra Bruce

The work we do at MomsGetReal is really about helping moms, parents, and women have better lives. We do not make any money doing this – it is truly a work of passion.  But occasionally, we have the opportunity to review products or services that we think would benefit our readers, and while some of the requests we get are eyebrow-raising, bringing the magic of Santa to a child is something we can get behind 100%.

As a US Family Guide partner, we had the opportunity to work with PackagefromSanta. With a two-year old granddaughter in the house, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I am absolutely delighted. It truly is a magical experience.

The packages include:

-Personalized Letter from Santa
-Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label
-Genuine North Pole Stamp
– 90-day money-back guarantee
-FREE Personalized video
– FREE Personalized phone call from Santa
– FREE Personalized printable nice list guide

Creating the magic requires a little input from mom, dad, or in this case Nana. You have to tell Santa about your child – their name and age, their location, what they’ve been good for, etc. There are several letter templates to choose from to get you started, or you can write your own. Even if you do choose a template, though, you get the opportunity to edit it before finalizing it.

It also comes with a personalized flight plan, so have some images available as you’re ordering your package (you’ll need some for the video, too).

You can use an Android or iPhone app to schedule the phone call from Santa so that it’s at the time and place of your choosing.

And it comes with a downloadable “nice list” – which I think is probably a better incentive for older kids. Hallie just likes that her picture is on it.


Hallie’s favorite part of the whole experience was the video from Santa (and by favorite, I mean she watched the video 5 times in a row and now watches it every day).

She loves that Santa knows her name (during the setup of the video, you get to specify the pronunciation) and loves seeing her own picture in Santa’s book and on the nice wall.

I was really thrilled with the quality of the package and the delight it created for my granddaughter. It really added to the magic of Christmas!

MomsGetReal readers, order this holiday must-have for your child at Packages for Santa!

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