Everyone loves a good vacation but vacations cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to plan and pack for, especially when you have a lot of children. It is amazing the things that you can find to do relatively close to home. You just have to be creative and look! I don’t really consider myself a home body. In fact, the more we are out and about the better, but lately, like a lot of people we have been trying to get a little creative with our time and money.

I have only lived in Utah now for about a year and a few months, so this has been a little easier for me to do than if I still lived in Idaho where I lived most of my life. But there are some really fun sites to see and things to do that don’t require a great deal of travel, planning, or expense. One of my favorite finds so far has been The Museum of Ancient History just a few miles down the road from where we live. It is a museum full of dinosaur artifacts with great detail of their history. So not only was it fun but it was also a great learning experience as well. I have always been interested in dinosaurs and I was very excited to be able to foster the same interest and excitement in my children.

We spent one whole day at the museum exploring through the various displays. They have a few hands-on exhibits for the children to explore and they have a movie theater where we were able to watch a 3-D dinosaur movie. We had so much fun and we were able to expand the fun throughout the rest of the weekend and even into the next as we carrier over our dinosaur adventures at the museum to a Jurassic Park movie marathon! A little thought and creativity goes a long way when you are trying to plan fun things for your family to enjoy.