Creating a strong family unit can be a definite challenge in today’s society. Our children’s friends have such an influence on their thoughts and feelings. As parents though, we have to realize that we still have the power and influence to be the stronger force. Our kids don’t always like to admit it but they really do value and listen to their parent’s opinions and ideas about life. If we don’t guide our children and let them know our expectations and values you can rest assured that it will leave the door open for someone else to fill those shoes.

It is surprising how much information our children actually retain. I know that my children have repeated things to me that I have said over the years that at the time it didn’t seem like they had even heard! It is important to be clear on your expectations so that children know where they stand. Just like in school and with friends, children have the need to feel like they belong. What better place for that to happen than with their own family?