Getting Real With Veronica Ibarra

When I’m not taking the kids to the zoo, museum or random fun event around town because I’m tired and just want to stay home, I announce very loudly that it’s Art Time. Art Time can last a few minutes or through the entire day; it just depends on the project, the weather, and my energy level. Here is a list of some of the supplies that make Art Time possible:

Modeling Clay – There are all kinds of modeling clay. We like the Roseart modeling clay because it comes in bright and exotic colors. I prefer modeling clay to play-dough because it doesn’t get stuck in my carpet and the finished product can be dried for gifting to the grandparents.

Bendaroos – These are pliable wax covered strings that react to the heat from your hands to become sticky. We got a kit from grandma that included 15 different colors. No glue, and no real mess to speak of.

Pipe Cleaners – Maybe once upon a time they cleaned a pipe, but now with the variety of colors and textures these things are invaluable as an art supply staple. One afternoon we spent making an entire zoo out of pipe cleaners.

Washable Finger Paints – Perfect for my 3 year old and 7 year old. Just spread one of those plastic party table cloths over the table and let them have fun. Be sure to save those egg cartons to use as paint pallets. Cut one in half and the kids can each have their own.

Construction Paper – This is an absolute must in any art supply stash. Kids can cut out stuff, draw on it, or paint on it. We make all our cards for the family. It’s more personal, and the kids have fun.

Sidewalk Chalk – Perfect for Art Time outside, and it is one of the cheapest supplies out there. I even found a recipe online to make homemade sidewalk chalk using cornstarch. The kids paint with it and it dries like chalk, and washes away just as easily.

Crayons – It seems rather obvious, but without crayons life would be very difficult around my house. There are even washable crayons on the market. How cool is that? Easy to clean off the walls should the little artist make it their canvas. (A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also does the trick for cleaning regular crayon off walls, painted or papered, I’ve found.)

Markers – Same thing as with the crayons. I prefer the Crayola Washable ones myself as my son seems obsessed with drawing on himself rather than anything else.

Craft Foam Sheets – They are like a step above construction paper, but better suited for making hats and masks. With the addition of the craft foam stickers anything is possible. With the help of my 7 year old daughter, we made a Happy Birthday sign for my son out of craft foam and craft foam stickers. I cut out big letters and she stuck on the stickers. Using a hole punch and some string we strung the letters together and hung it for the occasion.

Glue Sticks – These are for general kid use. It stays where you put it and doesn’t spill. For the same reason I also prefer tape.

Tissue Paper – Instead of buying tissue paper I save the tissue paper that comes with most presents since my friends and family are big into reusable gift bags than wrapping paper. New tissue paper is used to send out a gift, but the tissue paper given is used for Art Time. Use a glue stick or add tissue paper to the finger paint projects. The paint acts as the glue and the tissue will stay put.

Other good things to have are scissors, paint brushes, old magazines, and a hole puncher. With these supplies, and a whole lot of imagination Art Time can be an amazing time for the whole family.