Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Hallie is normally the center of her little world. She lives with 6 adults and is doted on pretty much all day. To say she is spoiled is probably an understatement. Now, we are in England visiting her cousins, and she is spending time with a 1-year-old and a 2-year old around the clock. This has been an adjustment, to say the least, as Hallie learns to play nice.

Being gentle is hard.

Hallie runs around our house like a bull-dozer. We have a larger space than where we are staying now, and no other little people. So, Hallie has knocked both her cousins over a few times and caused some tears. Hallie is used to jumping and running, and it’s so hard for her to be mindful of little ones around her. Hallie’s one cousin might be older, but she’s the strongest of the three.

Hallie is destructive.

We have been working through a slight throwing issue at home. Hallie has a bad habit of throwing, especially when she is tired. With jetlag, Hallie was very, very tired. That meant quite a bit of throwing, and unfortunately, her one cousin has been in the way. Hallie cracked her pretty good with a stacking cup, but luckily, we haven’t had any incidents since.

The other issue that Hallie is having, is that her cousins do not take all their toys out at once. The space is limited, so that makes sense. Then there’s Hallie, who plays with every single toy she owns every single day. By the end of my workday, Hallie’s room looks like a tornado. My sister-in-law is not the biggest fan of Hallie destroying her carefully cleaned living room a few times a day.

Sharing is caring, or so they say.

Hallie is no longer the only child begging for attention or demanding toys. Hallie has never had to share her own toys, so the concept is a bit difficult for her. Sure, we’ve shared with her friends at the local play center, but that’s not where she sleeps and eats. Hallie doesn’t have to play nice every second of the day. Now, we are asking a lot of our only child, and some days are a struggle. Nonetheless, Hallie is learning, and I am proud of how hard she is trying.

Hallie means well. She has showered her cousins with more hugs and kisses than bruises, thankfully, and she genuinely loves spending time here. This is a great experience for her, especially when she has siblings of her own to contend with. Hallie’s time here will serve her well, and she will go back to US with some valuable lessons.