Easter is just around the corner, and in our household, the Easter Egg hunt has always been a big deal. We have traditionally had a large group of kids in a wide range of ages participating in the hunt. If there are a lot of children in your family, you know that even the closest of siblings and cousins don’t always get along. It can be especially bad if the kids don’t think they’re being treated fairly, or if they think one child is getting more than another. You can avoid all of the stress and have tons of fun by planning an Easter egg hunt for your group of kids that will ensure no fighting.

All that you need to pull off the fun are a bunch of plastic eggs and the loot to fill them. What makes this Easter egg hunt stress-free and lots of fun is color coding. Assign each child a specific color of egg. Fill the eggs with M&Ms or other small candies, or with other less sugary treasures (filling the eggs can be done a week or more ahead of time if needed).

If the kids are different ages, color coding eggs lets you hide eggs for older kids in more challenging spots, while the eggs for younger children, in their own personal color, can be hidden in more obvious spots. There’s no fear that the older kids will take the younger kids’ eggs as easy finds and no worry that any child will feel they didn’t get their fair share since each child has the same number of eggs to find.

Since each child has his or her own color to search for, even your toddlers can participate fairly in this egg hunt. So can your teenagers; we buy the mini plastic eggs for an added challenge! Even

Not only does the color-coded hunt reduce the friction among the children, but makes for a stress-free holiday for moms and dads, too. You know ahead of time exactly how many eggs each child is seeking, so you’ll know (and so will they) when they’ve found them all. For a special treat, buy one large plastic egg in each color for a bigger prize, like a small toy.