Getting Real with Kira Hazledine

Breastmilk is a pretty cool thing. It’s catered specifically for your baby on any given day and it works on a supply and demand basis. However, breastmilk is so much more than just a food source. There are clever uses for breastmilk that can benefit your baby and others (if they’re willing to give it a try).

Eyes and Nose

If you, your baby, or another child in the household has an eye infection or blocked nose, breastmilk to the rescue! I know that many people also recommend a few drops in the ear to treat an ear infection, but I’m a little reluctant on this one. It’s not doctor recommended because if the breastmilk gets trapped in the ear canal, it can make matters much worse.

The eyes and nose, however, have a simple drainage system that breastmilk can swoop right through. Breastmilk has antibacterial properties and natural antibodies that fight infection. Although you should always consult your doctor if you think something is amiss, a bit of breastmilk sprayed in the face isn’t going to hurt anybody.


Breastmilk is wonderful for the skin. If you’ve got some extra ounces around that are going bad, run a breastmilk bath. I’ve found this does wonders for my children’s eczema and their skin is seriously so soft when they come out of the bath.


Here come those handy antibacterial properties again. If you or your child has a small scrape, you can cleanse the area with breastmilk and sanitize all at the same time. Experts suggest that it will even soothe stinging. Of course, don’t get carried away. Breastmilk is not going to fix a gaping wound and I would suggest a hospital before you aim a nipple at it.

Baked Goods

Fun for the whole family! I kid. I have suggested some nutritional cookies or brownies made with some breastmilk but extended family was not amused. If you’ve got some jars of baby food lying around and aren’t sure what to do with it, that combined with breastmilk use up the ingredients you have on hand and provide your child with a nutritious snack. The cookies aren’t half-bad, either.

Baby Food

If you aren’t interested in the jarred variety (my children never were) you can use breastmilk rather than water to create pureed nutrition for your infant. Any food processor will work, and I’ve made pureed vegetables, fruits, and oatmeal with breastmilk. I’ll have to admit cooked breastmilk doesn’t smell awesome when I’ve heated my concoctions in a pan (my child did not eat cold food) but it is what it is.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a breastfeeding mother. These boobs are made for more than nursing. My father-in-law did attempt to replace breastmilk with creamer in his tea, and he wasn’t pleased, but it’s always worth a shot.