I’m a stepmom and have been a stepparenting and blended family specialist for so long that I tend to talk about and think about everything from a stepmom’s perspective. I suppose that’s only natural; I write what I know, what I experience. However, having seen what my sister goes through with her children’s stepmother, along with a recent extended email conversation I had with a biological mom about stepparenting and her struggles with sharing her children with the new stepmom, I realized that I was perhaps limiting my viewpoint too much.

Imagine giving birth to a child or children and experiencing those joyous days of building a family. If you’re a mom in any capacity, you’ll understand that once a child enters your heart (through birth, adoption, marriage, or any other way) something inside you is changed forever. You can’t go a minute without thinking of the child, you worry over everything, you spend more time focused on the child than on yourself, and you don’t even notice the sacrifice.

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