Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of the day that makes married couples mushy, singles groan, and kids go crazy with sugar highs, here’s some advice for wherever you are on the love journey.

Keeping Marriage Strong

Secrets of a Successful Relationship

The biggest key to having a successful relationship with anyone else is to first have a successful relationship with yourself.

 Get Out of Town – No Kids Required

Getting away from your kids makes you appreciate them more.

 You Cook; I’ll Fix the Toilet

Make your partnership work for you without worrying about what other people think.

 How to Stay Close During Times of Stress

Every relationship, if it lasts long enough, has to survive intense periods of stress.

 Fight Nice

It’s inevitable: you’re in a relationship with another human being. You fight. You can’t avoid it.

Between the Sheets

 Better than Sex

Better than sex? There isn’t much that is, according to a study that equates a healthy sexual relationship with your love partner with the feeling of receiving a $100,000 windfall.

Between the Sheets: 10 Tips for Better Sex

Sex is an important part of any relationship. Spice up any relationship by trying these 10 tips for better sex.

Keep Sex Safe – A Quick Guide to STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are nothing to joke about. Make sure you understand how to protect yourself.

All the Single Ladies

 Fear of Loss in Love by Tiana Green

 I was so afraid to lose that for a long time I was too afraid to find.

 Finding the One by Tiana Green

When it is right, you will know. Don’t put yourself on a timeline.


5 Tips for the Bride for a Happy Wedding Day

A happy wedding day might be difficult to imagine if you’re stressing about the wedding plans and all that goes into them. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life, so why is it always so stressful? Let these five tips be your guide to a happier, less stressful wedding day.

 A to Z Wedding Trivia

Weddings are filled with tradition and draw from ancient customs. Did you know that brides in Zimbabwe think it’s bad luck to get married in the month of November, or that the average age of a Western bride has continued to increase? Have fun discovering the history of popular wedding traditions as you explore fun wedding trivia from A to Z.

Modern Weddings: All the Frills, Frugally

Modern weddings can be fancy and fun – with all the frills – while still being frugal. These money-saving tips will help you make the most of your nuptials without breaking the bank, giving you more money to spend on the honeymoon. From dresses and flowers to photography and gifts, you can have the wedding of your dreams without going broke.