Getting Real With Wanda Morrissey

Have you ever given a child a camera? You should. It’s a lot of fun.

Jeffrey loves cameras. He wants to hold mine, play with it and push the buttons. He absolutely has to see the picture after it’s been taken. I was going to get him one for Christmas until I found a Vtech Kidizoom Sport on clearance for ten dollars. Since they normally run around $50 in my area, this was a deal too good to pass up. Obviously, I didn’t wait until Christmas and gave it to him right away. He was, and still is, thrilled with it.

The next day, I grabbed my camera and Jeffrey grabbed his and we took them outside to see what we could find. I was hoping he would snap shots of the trees, flowers, the swing set, but not my son, he took multiple pictures of the sidewalk. Lesson learned: little boys don’t always share their mother’s ideas about what is photo worthy. It doesn’t matter, we just had fun exploring with our cameras.

On my computer, I created an album for Jeffrey to store his pictures. Every now and then, he likes to look through them and admire his handiwork. There are a lot of pictures of the furniture, TV shows, his clothing and the aforementioned sidewalk in there but I haven’t deleted any (well, I deleted the blank shots but I don’t count them).  And there is a silly shot that he took of himself with his Papa that I want to turn into a photo gift.

I am so glad that I bought the camera for him. He’ll try to get the cats to sit still and say ’cheese’ so he can get their picture. They’re not always cooperative but he keeps trying. Now when I want to take his picture, I have to pose so he can take mine in return.