When you’re ripping your kids up out of the life they’ve been accustomed to and forcing them to adapt to a new environment, you have to do it carefully. While our kids have been the primary drivers (along with their cousins) of our latest cross-country move (after our road trip last summer that had them reconnecting with family), there is more to moving than they understand, and it’s up to us as parents to make sure they have the support they need during such a huge transition.

That’s why I’m glad to have BYOU Magazine. It has had a tremendous impact on our daughter – so much so that she offered to write the review of the magazine.

What Anika (age 10) has to say about it:

I just finished reading a BYOU magazine with Kathrin McNamara. I really loved it! This magazine talks about how you should be you and love yourself, and how animals can be helpful in our lives. It also talks about how you should go for being smart and healthy, not cute and popular. It’s better to worry about being cute on the inside than the outside.

From small children to teens, everyone would love these inspiring words. I really related to some of the things written, too, and I know other girls will.

There are also activities, riddles and quizzes to do also, which makes it super fun.

The magazine even tells you how to make things like Easter egg dye (which can also be used on socks and t-shirts), and how to make red velvet cupcakes. YUM!

This magazine is really inspiring, and I really love it.

BYOU, the Self-Esteem Magazine for Girls, is not just for girls who are moving to a new place and starting over, all though it already has been and will continue to be an excellent resource for our daughter. The messages in this magazine are suitable for all girls, and unlike the newsstand magazines that seem to want our girls to think about how they look on the outside, BYOU focuses on nurturing the inside.