Raising healthy teens requires patience, consistence, and a willingness to make mistakes. Teens are trying to stretch their wings but still need someone there to catch them if they fall.
Getting Real with Shadra Bruce
Parent – teen relationships can be difficult, and teen attitude begins long before the thirteenth birthday these days. Your teen does not mean to be difficult; he or she is simply struggling to find their own identity and at this stage they may be rebelling against many of the things you represent. As a parent, you may be having a hard time letting go of your precious baby and embracing the young adult that is developing before your eyes. Balancing the perfect parent – teen relationship can seem impossible at times, but your teen still needs you to be there, providing a loving and supportive home.

While your teen might not always get what they want, they should know that no matter what you are always going to be there. Your love should be unconditional. While they are going to have bad days just like the rest of us, at least they know they have you to catch them when they fall.

Teens have access to more knowledge than ever before. With the media broadcasting anything that will catch a headline as well as the array of social medias it is impossible to shelter your teen from everything, but rather than ignore the information that is bombarding your teen, use it as an opportunity to open the lines of communication. You can use TV shows, celebrity misbehavior, and social situations as opportunities to talk with – not preach to – your teen.

Giving your teen room to make mistakes by simply loosening the reins a little bit. Show them you trust them. Your teen does not need to be perfect, and it is important that they know that. They need to be taught that mistakes are a part of life and although they cannot always be prevented there is always something that can be learned. The media and other social influences make it seem like perfection is required in today’s society. That is certainly not the case and with your help your teen will soon realize that life is full of opportunities. The worry of making mistakes should never deter your teen from trying new things.

Your teens want honesty and respect just as much as you do. The more you treat them like adults, the more they will act like one. By keeping an open mind with your teen’s wants and needs, respecting the individual he or she is trying to become, you can build a relationship you can both live with.