Today is the first day since everything happened that I’ve been able to allow myself to think about what happened in Connecticut. I’ve been unable to comprehend – and still can’t – the horror of it all. But today, the emotion of it settled heavily around my heart.

I’m angry at the media for using it as an excuse to garner readership. I’m frustrated with politicians and fringe groups who are using this to promote an agenda. And mostly, I’m just so sad, sad for the moms and dads who never dreamed when they sent their kids off to school that it would be the last goodbye, the last hug, the last moment.

And all I can think about is that these parents already had Christmas shopping done; there were probably already presents wrapped and under the tree; they probably have precious pictures of the kids helping to decorate…and they were already filled with the excitement of seeing their children’s eyes brighten with the delight that only Christmas morning brings.

Now, everything around them will be a reminder of loss, not just now but for the rest of their lives…because you can be sure that on the one year anniversary of what happened, the media will rip the barely developed scabs off of everyone to trounce the story out for a little more attention.

There is nothing anyone can do or say to ease the pain these moms and dads, this community, is feeling over the loss.

There’s no quick solution.

This isn’t about God or guns.

This isn’t about market share or readership or getting the most likes.

This is about broken hearts and lost dreams…and nothing will ever be the same.