Brittany Tiedemann

Hey girl hey!

Thats right! I am a mother to a wonderful little girl. I am a full-time Mom and a full-time Preschool Teacher. I am married to an amazing man named Tim who was in the US Navy for almost 9 years. Tim and I have had quite the adventures between the Navy and now being parents. We have moved back to his home state, Minnesota. Out here, the only family that is close to me (location-wise) are my in-laws, which has been an adventure and continues to be. My whole family lives back in New York and is still very much part of my baby’s life, thanks to social media and Skype. My life has been full of surprises and continues to be an full of excitement.

I have bachelors degrees in Early Childhood/Childhood Education. Pretty much that means I can teach children birth – grade 6. I am still working towards my master’s in literacy. My education has helped me tremendously with raising my baby. I have a clear understanding of where she is developmentally and academically. This also means I understand that not all children fit in the same square box, and my baby girl won’t either. I am currently teaching preschool full time. I am surrounded by children 24/7, which creates an interesting dynamic in my life at times.

I hope that through my writing you enjoy reading about the full-time working mom and full-time mom life struggles. It’s not all just sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows, but I have learned to laugh through it. These are the days that I will never forget!

~ Brittany