Getting Real With Jennifer Poole

Life gets busy. Between kids, jobs, bills, chores and so much more it is easy to let the romance in your marriage slide. Many couples counteract this by having regular date nights. That is not always doable for couples with small kids and/or on a tight budget. I love the book 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex: Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun-Loving Couples. It comes with 101 sealed ideas for creating romantic moments in everyday life.

The ideas are divided into “For Her Eyes Only” and “For His Eyes Only”. Before you even open them it will tell you if you have to drive somewhere, if food is involved, time of year, and the price range. So you can easily find a romantic moment to plan in the winter with little to no cost, which will make you and your loved one closer and give you a chance to experience new things together in the bedroom such as kegel exercises, role playing and other intimate things. I will admit that my honey and I haven’t done any events from the book in quite awhile but it is time to get it going again now that the kids are older.

I remember our first one was a kissing game that was to be played during commercials while watching tv. It was a hoot! You can find this book and other similar ones at Amazon or at almost any bookstore. It is a great Valentines gift (and a great Wedding gift too!)