I grew up in an ice-creaming eating family. My dad has worked for a dairy my entire life, so ice cream was a staple all year long. The tradition has continued with my kids, with ice cream being one of our favorite treats.

Going back to school in New York happens when the weather is still hot, and our school doesn’t have air conditioning. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long and hot, brain-draining day than an ice-cold popsicle to get the kids in gear for homework and after-school activities. Popsicle® has some fabulous new flavors out that the kids can’t get enough of – Popsicle® Airheads and Popsicle® Jolly Ranchers.

My weakness has and always will be a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and cashews, and Breyers makes some of the best vanilla ice cream in the world. (I dare you to resist their extra creamy, smooth & dreamy fat free vanilla – it’s perfect for those moments when you just need to indulge.

Breyers® has some new flavors out, though, that put vanilla on the back burner. Breyers® Blasts! are a delicious new spin on an old favorite, incorporating cookies, candy, heath bars, Reeses, and Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie dough and other favorite treats (my favorite is Oreo) for a tempting tastebud twist. Choose from 12 different flavor blasts and make after school a time to celebrate.

But let’s get real here…the real celebration is going to happen when you shoo the kids out the door and get that first peaceful day without the “I’m boreds” and the “Can we get out the Slip n Slide?” That’s when Klondike® is the best thing to have in the house. They have a yummy new mint chocolate chip flavor which is to die for, but I still love the original Klondike Bar best.

Unilever provided me with coupons for free products in order for our team to be able to review their new flavors. No monetary compensation was provided, and the opinions contained in this review are genuine.