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Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Actually, according to research, there is not much in the world is better than sex…including money! According to research conducted by David G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald, in a report entitled “Money, Sex, and Happiness: An Empirical Study” the happiest people were not the ones making the most money – they were the mostly-monogamous, heterosexual and homosexual couples who were getting it on on a regular basis – at least two to three times a week.

The economists equated a good sex life as having the same impact in terms of happiness as receiving $100,000. After speaking with over 16,000 people, Blanchflower and Oswald discovered the following interesting facts about American sex life:

  • Married couples are having far more sex than those who were single, divorced, widowed, or separated.
  • Most people average sex three times a month; women over 40 average once a month, but men over 40 average three times a month.
  • 7% of the respondents reported having sex more than four times a week.
  • 18% reported no sex whatsoever in the prior year.
  • Homosexuality versus heterosexuality did not make a measurable difference in sexual activity or happiness.

Both the men and the women involved in the study equated having regular sex with happiness, but those who paid for sex, cheated to get sex, or had casual sex were less happy than were those who were having regular sex with a monogamous partner.

The most significant finding in this study was that frequent sex made people happy – regardless of income. In fact, the connection between sex and income was non-existent in both males and females. In these trying economic times that is fabulous news! Having more sex with your regular partner will increase your level of happiness regardless of your financial situation.

If more sex makes people happy regardless of income, and if sex is a significant part of the happiness quotient, it would seem to me that there is no better argument, based on this evidence, to make love, not war! The next time you feel like going shopping to beat the blues, avoid the extra credit card bill and have sex instead. In fact, you can make it a regular way to save money: skip going out to eat or going to the movies and spend some time rekindling your romance. Improving your sex life and keeping some heat between the sheets is apparently has a pretty good payoff!