Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Do you feel more like the ringmaster at a circus on Saturday mornings than like a mom? Turn Saturday mornings into adventure days and you’ll all survive the weekend a bit better. Here are some great ideas you can do anywhere, but if there are fun Saturday ideas specific to your location, let us know in the comments below (be sure to tell us where you are!)

Museums. From ancient dinosaur bones to fine art, museums offer a world of excitement and imagination to kids. Most local museums offer discounts or annual passes to members of the community, so you may be able to score a bargain.

The Library. Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? The library is a great place to be introduced to new books, but most libraries also offer movie and music rentals. Some even offer video game rentals! More libraries than ever are now offering digital book rentals, too, so if you prefer to read via your Kindle, you can rent books from the library. The great thing about checking books out from the library is that you’ll have an excuse to go back again in a couple weeks.

Parks. Going to the park is always fun, whether you’re feeding ducks or letting your imagination transform the play space into a pirate ship.

Movies. Saturday is the perfect day to go see a movie with the kids. Many communities have $1 theaters that offer you the opportunity to see the movies you weren’t willing to pay $8-10 to see. Keep it super cheap and skip the popcorn (it’s bad for you anyway)!

Yard Sales. When the weather is right, there is nothing better than a day of discovering treasures you didn’t even know you needed. Yard sales are a great place to pick up books, knick knacks, furniture and household items on the cheap.

Cemeteries. If you live in an area where a famous person is buried, go visit their grave and turn it into an opportunity to learn about the person.

Friends & Family. Saturday mornings are a great time to visit friends and family, catching up after the busy week. If you have an older relative who needs help with yard or housework, you can use it as an opportunity to teach your kids the importance of helping others.

Volunteer. From working at the food bank to helping out at the local SPCA, there are a number of ways you and your kids can get involved in making a difference.

Don’t let your kids drive you up a wall this Saturday! Get out and do something!

Do you have great ideas for Saturday morning fun? Share with us!