Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

It feels like summer’s barely started and already stores are showcasing their “back to school” items. Aisles once filled with picnic baskets and coolers have given way to pencils and notebooks. A new backpack, supplies, and a broken bank account later for school clothes, the shopping is done.

No matter the age of the child, it’s a big adjustment getting used to the rude early awakening that first school morning. Gone are the summer days of sleeping in, and here comes the morning chaos.

About a week before school starts, we set our children’s alarm clock progressively earlier so their internal clock can adjust. It doesn’t have to be the exact wake up time but it should be close. Once school begins,  we cope by:

  • Packing lunches the night before and make sure ice packs are in the freezer and ready
  • Signing papers, completing homework, and making sure everything is in the backpack the night before
  • Feeding them a healthy breakfast

It’s also a great time to talk about schedule expectations for the new school year such as after school activities, homework, and curfew. How do you prepare for the new school year?