Finding a babysitter is tough. We have been spoiled. By the time we had Parker, Kira was almost 11 years old. By the time I was willing to leave Parker with a babysitter, Kira was not only old enough to babysit but someone who loved him as much as we did. Parker is now 10 years old, and other than a couple of stays with auntie Tiana and Nana, Kira has done all of the babysitting of Parker. Anika has never stayed with anyone else.

Kira, though, is leaving for college in a month…and Parker and Anika are not old enough to be left home alone. (Even if they were I don’t think we would. They sometimes can’t be alone together for five minutes).

We have already started to feel the pain, since Kira’s life is filled with work, friends, cheerleading, packing, planning, dating – and a sincere lack of desire to babysit for which we cannot blame her. But how do you find a replacement babysitter when the one you’ve had has been so perfect?

I don’t know the answer yet, but it is becoming an issue. Because we haven’t found a sitter, Dave and I have not been out on a date in quite some time. If we go anywhere together, the kids have to go with us. And because it’s summer vacation, if we stay, the kids are here too. I love my kids, but …


Dating is an important part of marriage – it is what helps keep marriage strong and renews us so that we can be good, involved parents with the energy to deal with whatever comes our way.

I know I’m going to have to relax and trust someone to come in and care for the kids. I know they’re old enough now to tell me if the person is horrible or mean to them. What’s even worse is that I know this is my hang up and that they will probably be thrilled to have us out of their hair for a while and be spending time with someone new.