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Baby’s bath can be the best bonding time, which means these are moments you DO NOT want to miss. To keep your bundle full of joy, draw a bath that paints a lasting picture with these fun ideas that reveal what baby bath time is all about:

B – Bubbles of fun. With a few capfuls of bubble bath you’ll have a tub of suds. Use a bubble wand – or improvise with a clean fly swatter – to blow bubbles up and into the air. He’ll reach for the bubbles to pop as you reach for his belly to tickle. Because your baby’s sensitive skin and eyes are top of mind, you’ll want to choose tear-free, chemical-free bubble formulas.

A – Aromatherapy-induced smiles. When baby is sleepy and fussy, soothe her with sweetly-scented baby shampoo and body wash. A baby soap smelling of chamomile will help calm and cajole her into a slumber. You can even add soft, instrumental music to help set the mood. When bath time is over, pat her dry and massage her arms and legs with lavender-infused baby oil. Then watch that frown turn upside down and those eyes drift into dreamland.

T – Toys for your tot. When you’re baby has graduated from the classic rubber ducky, look for waterproof playthings that move on their own or make noise, as well as blocks and letters to fuel their minds. Toys that squirt serve double duty when you use them to rinse off the soap suds. Simply squirt lukewarm water on top of baby’s head while using your free hand to shield her eyes.

H – Hugs and high-fives. With a few interactive toys, aromatic bubbles and your imagination, baby’s bath is sure to be a success. Once the cleaning and play time is over, give your baby a nice warm hug and yourself a high-five for a bath well done!

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