Getting Real With Shadra Bruce

Planning for a newborn can be exhausting and it doesn’t necessarily end once the baby is born. Creating the new room, finding the perfect crib, and selecting the most adorable clothes you can find (which is of course the best part) can be an ongoing process. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how much sleep you’re getting, babies grow in and out of everything pretty quickly.

As much as you may want to purchase anything and everything for your baby, this is a time to be budget-conscious. Your baby will be wearing diapers more than anything else, and in all reality, those cute clothes will be stained in no time. The bassinet will be used for a few months at best, and the many toys you buy will not be nearly as entertaining as the packaging they come in.

Your baby will grow faster than your budget, so keep in mind what exactly your baby will need. Your money will be better off heading towards indispensable things like bottles and onesies. But you should still definitely splurge every now and again. Who can resist an adorable dressed baby or that multicolored singing cow? Try to think about wants versus needs and spend more time than money on your baby.