MomPower Contributor Lisa Van De Graaff

In Oriental Medicine’s Five-Element Theory, it is the time of Metal. Specifically, the peak time for the Lung Meridian (which brings in the new) and the Large Intestine Meridian (which eliminates that which we no longer need). It is a time of grieving loss and letting go to make room. We may feel our losses more poignantly now, be it the loss of a loved one, the way our children grow up too fast, or that those once perky breasts now tuck into our waistbands. Grief is normal: Feel it, grieve, and let go of what no longer serves you. You will rest more easily when you do, and you will be more prepared for the inward emotional hibernation of winter.

As mothers, we are experts at nurturing. Nurture Metal this season with your breath: Exhale first, emptying yourself of all you don’t need, then inhale and bring in that clean, cool autumn air and let it fill you.