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I Don’t Have To …

Getting Real with Brittany Tiedemann Being a Mom is one of the biggest excitements of my life. Watching my baby girl grow and learn new things is a wonderful blessing. Now that my baby is almost 6 months old I have had time to look back at all the thing I thought I had to do but in reality, yup – nope, I didn’t have to. I don’t have to send out announcements One thing I thought I had to do was send out those cute fancy baby announcement cards. Over the past few years have received some extremely...

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I Am Pro-FEEDING Your Child

Getting Real with Brittany Tiedemann Before I had my daughter I was all excited to breastfeed her. There are so many benefits from it, and like all moms, I wanted what was best for my baby. I did all my research on how to properly breastfeed. I bought a pump just in case she wouldn’t latch for a while or latch properly. I planned on pumping to save up on extra milk for when I went back to work. I bought all the breastfeeding accessories that everyone told me I would need. Never once did it occur to me...

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9 Mom Hacks for Moms Who Teach

Getting Real with Brittany Tiedeman I recently had to return to work after having my baby. I’ve developed these hacks to help me survive. 1. So you’re at work and notice there is spit-up on your shirt. Normally it doesn’t bother you, but let’s say you have a big meeting or are being observed that day. A wonderful, pretty sticker will do the trick. Is the spit up too big for one sticker? Jazz it up and use three, or ten. My personal favorites are the Disney stickers. 2. Accidentally forgot to leave your daughter’s headband in the car...

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