Getting Real With Kathy Winn

Every New Year’s Eve we are faced with the dilemma “what are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

Remember the days when you’d hit up the town with friends? Bar hopping and clubbing until the early morning? Me neither. In fact, with the exception of a few New Year’s Eve celebrations, our plans are relatively tame every year. What about the big one, you ask? You know – Y2K. The turning of the calendar from 1999 to 2000? We spent that New Year’s Eve playing duck, duck, goose with our niece in her basement. Thrilling, no?

It’s really just too much pressure for me. Find the perfect party to attend. Reserve a babysitter weeks or months in advance. Arrange for transportation to and from the big event – because very few should actually be driving on New Year’s Eve. The cost. The planning. The stress. No thanks.

My husband and I repeated our somewhat annual tradition of staying home and flipping through the New Year’s Eve specials. I made him eat weird food to ensure good luck, prosperity and wealth during the new year (pickled herring, anyone?). And I’ll have someone to kiss at midnight, just before we go to bed.

So for all of who were out partying, I hope you were safe and had fun. I was quite happy on the couch!