Starting a new relationship as a single parent can be quite a challenge. You have to balance your own wants and needs with that of your children. There are scheduling conflicts and challenges. And then there is the issue of the children’s other parent and the input that they often like to have; whether they are solicited opinions or not. Roll all of that into one and you have a big jumbled mess that can take quite a lot of skill to maintain. Unfortunately, for most people that skill is learned through trial and error.

You’ve been a single mom for a long time, raising your children, sharing the duty with their biological father, and now you’ve finally met someone special with whom you want to share your life. You’ve been cautious about exposing your children to the men you date, but this is “the” one, so now your fiancé/new husband is developing a relationship with your child.

These first steps in introducing your choice of new partner can be very strenuous on everyone involved. You want your children to love this new person as much as you do. Hopefully, if there are children on both sides they will like each other and get along well. There are so many different layers of the relationship and family that have to blend and fit to make a solid cohesive family unit. It is one of the most challenging aspects in the beginning of a new life and love. But with a lot of work and perseverance it is also the most rewarding.

The way you behave in this situation will have a remarkable impact on your children.  You have the opportunity to teach your children to be respectful, to accept change gracefully. You will show them that no matter what happens in life and no matter what changes occur, you love them enough to handle it and be there for them and that in many instances life will be even better than before.