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As moms, part of the fun of Halloween is helping your children enjoy it. This means finding costumes, taking them trick-or-treating for candy, and bringing the best Halloween-themed foods to the school party! Here are some great ideas for Halloween-themed foods that your kids will love!

1. Skeleton gingerbread cookies: Although gingerbread cookies are better known as a Christmas treat, they are great for this Halloween idea! All you have to do it make gingerbread cookies in Halloween shapes like cats or normal gingerbread people and add frosting in the shape of bones, making the figures look like skeletons! This is a simple and tasty way to celebrate Halloween.

2. Ghost Pizza: What kid doesn’t love pizza? Put a Halloween holiday twist on this child favorite by getting sliced cheese instead of shredded cheese. Cut these slices into the shape of ghosts and place them on top of an otherwise normal pizza for a spooky dinner. Depending on how picky your children are, you can add capers or chopped black olives for eyes.

3. Witch’s broom: This is perhaps the simplest Halloween recipe on this list, but is still very cute. Simply take a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and turn it upside down. Get a pretzel stick and put it in the upside down Reese’s cup, making the treat look just like a Witch’s broom!

4. Owl cupcakes: Owls are a common mascot for fall and Halloween, and these cupcakes are super fun. First, start by making any flavor up cupcake and top it with chocolate frosting (or a brown-dyed frosting). Use Oreo cookies and Reese’s Pieces to create the owl’s face. Pull the Oreos apart and place them frosting-side up on the cupcake as eyes. Add brown Reese’s Pieces to complete the eyes and an orange Reese’s Pieces laid sideways on the cupcake to make the beak.

5. Ghost-covered strawberries: This Halloween holiday treat is perfect for the chocolate-covered strawberry lover. Instead of the normal chocolate covering for strawberries, use white chocolate. Use black decorator frosting to add eyes and a mouth, making your yummy strawberries look like they are covered with scary ghosts!

6. Mummy juice box: Although this is not necessarily a recipe, it is still a great way to celebrate Halloween for your kids! Juice boxes are obviously a child favorite. In order to transform the typical juice box into a Halloween surprise, simply wrap the juice box in white electrical tape. Glue on googly eyes.

7. Healthy Severed Fingers: In contrast to all the other treats on this list, this is a healthy Halloween snack. For this Halloween-themed food, first peel carrots and cut them into finger-length pieces. Then, chop red peppers into small squares and attach the red pepper squares to the end of the “carrot finger” using a small dot of Ranch dressing.

What are your favorite Halloween treats?